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RZ Medizintechnik is a one-hundred percent family business with a tradition. Customers, business partners, and employees can depend upon them remaining true to their values and founding principles. Because of their uncompromising attitude towards quality and the standard of finish of their products, they enjoy a great reputation around the world and sell high-tech products on all continents in more than 52 countries.

Just like our former supplier Spiggle & Theis, all their high quality instruments are made in T├╝tllingen (Germany).

The ear, nose and throat sector – ENT in English, ORL internationally – deals with diseases, injuries, the consequences of injuries, malformations and functional impairments of the ears, the upper respiratory tract, the mouth cavity, the throat, the larynx, the lower airways and the esophagus. Surgery in the field of ENT is filigree, complex and extremely precise. RZ Medizintechnik offers a very comprehensive range of products for diagnostic and operative treatments in the ear, nose and throat sector.


Discover our ENT instruments and equipment for Otology, Rhinology, Sinuscopy, Oral, Laryngoscopy, Bronschoscopy.


Discover Zlider – the new generation of instruments that are detachable and very easy to clean.


Discover our Advanced Rhinoplasty instruments in the dedicated overview brochure.


Discover the dedicated catalogue for our product range of High-Frequency surgery items.


Discover our instruments for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery that extends from tooth, mouth, jaw and facial surgery (TMJF) and ENT to gynecology and also to arthroscopy.


Discover even more surgical scissors and various instruments in the full General Surgery catalogue.

If you are looking for instruments for other disciplines, please have a look at the other catalogues.