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BioMed ENT operates on a global scale, with significant activities across Europe and the USA. Their core operations involve close collaborations with an extensive network of hospitals and universities worldwide.

These partnerships are pivotal in driving innovation, advancing medical research, and enhancing patient care. They strive towards achieving ISO 14001 certification by 2027 and their commitment to environmental sustainability becomes even more integral to their mission. They believe that sustainability and environmental responsibility should be at the heart of healthcare and scientific research.

Under BioMed, Noviotissue researches and develops human tissue constructs with the goal to improve surgical treatment, thereby supporting both tissue establishments and surgeons. They provide research, development and consultancy activities to tissue establishments. By maintaining and expanding our network in the entire supply chain from tissue establishment to hospitals, they are able to find synergies with different experts.

We are the proud reseller of Noviotissue’s EpiPatch, an alternative to Medtronic its EpiDisc. EpiPatch is a biocompatible solution for various ENT applications. EpiPatch can be used to close tympanic membrane perforations or prevent adhesions after middle ear surgery.

The EpiPatch is designed from an otolaryngologists perspective, making it easily applied on a perforation. As soon as it is transplanted onto the perforated tympanic membrane, the moist environment will sufficiently wet the EpiPatch. Wetting makes the membrane highly adhesive, ensuring the fixation of the graft onto the desired location.

EpiPatch: Advancing Tympanic Membrane Repair

  • Biological Matrix: Made from extracellular matrix, enhancing natural healing processes.
  • High Tensile Strength: Durable and resilient, suitable for various medical applications.
  • Elastic and Adhesive: Conforms to the body’s contours, ensuring secure and effective coverage.
  • Protective Barrier: Offers protection against external factors, aiding in wound recovery.
  • No Preparation Required: Ready to use off-the-shelf, simplifying the treatment process.
  • Versatile Wound Covering: Ideal for tympanic membrane perforations, adaptable to different shapes and sizes.
  • Simplified Procedure: Can be applied in-office under local anesthesia, avoiding the need for OR and general anesthesia.
  • Effective for Revision Cases: Suitable for cases with residual or recurrent perforations, offering a minimally invasive solution.

The EpiPatch is available in two different sizes:

  • EpiPatch Ø 10mm
  • EpiPatch Ø 18mm

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