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Audio Technologies is located in Piacenza, Italy. Founded by an ENT surgeon in 1976, Audio Technologies continuously develops new ideas, providing significant scientific improvements in ENT surgery. The company boasts several international patents and sells in more than 50 countries across the world.


Audio Technologies has been the first company to manufacture:

  • Middle ear implant in dense hydroxylapatite
  • Middle ear implant with platinum joint for flange angulation
  • Non-adhesive PVA tampons with anatomic shape
  • Titanium adjustable-length middle ear implants with porous hydroxylapatite head which don’t need cartilage interposition
  • Biomechanic middle ear implant
  • External nasal splints with adjustable profile and selective side-pressure
  • Internal nasal splints in polypropylene
  • Universal / adjustable length suction tubes

Other than these unique products, Audio Technologies offers a catalogue of ENT medical devices such as drain tubes, reusable instruments, tampons and more.

We are mainly selling the Middle Ear Implants from Audio Technologies.