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Invotec International was founded in 1990 in Jacksonville, Florida. Since the beginning, they have evolved into a world class supplier of Instruments, Optics, Implants and supplies for ENT, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

A key part of Invotec’s ongoing mission is providing a wide selection of superior quality products, priced for best value. The Rhinology Accessory portfolio stands as Invotec’s global flagship business line. The highest quality, advanced design and softness of the Breathe-Easy™ Septal/Airway Splint, joined with an expansive selection of Custom Cut silicone & fluoroplastic splinting and sheeting, sets Invotec apart in the world Rhinology supply arena.

Invotec is deeply focused on customer service as demonstrated by their warranty. They guarantee their products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Invotec will replace or provide a refund for any product found to be defective.

They are committed to bringing you the best value for all your ENT and Plastic Surgery supplies with the personal service you deserve.

Ventilation Tubes – we offer a wide range of different models (Donaldson, Shepard Style Grommet, T-Tubes, Paperella Style, Bevel Bobbin, …) in various materials. At ENDOVISION you will find the ventilation tubes that you are looking for at the best price possible.

We offer both Thermoplastic Nasal Splints (the material becomes malleable under the influence of warmth) as well as Aluminium External Nasal Splints (offer the quickest practical solution for the setting of a nose). 

Internal Sasal Splints of Silicone and Fluoroplastic are also part of our product portfolio. Breathe-Easy™, Pre-Cut™, Custom-Cut™ and Bivalve Splints are only a few examples of the splints you can find in our range.

Designed to reduce or eliminate many symptoms of nasal¬†septal perforations including crusting, epistaxis, whistling, headache, difficulty breathing, … we offer two sizes of Septal Buttons.