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Hemostasis is a dynamic company committed to developing and marketing innovative technologies for the rapidly changing demands of the global medical industry. We work directly with leading physicians to develop practical products that are designed to optimize usability and efficacy for medical professionals, improve procedure outcomes and enhance overall patient care.


We supply the patient-comfortable foam splints made from naturally occurring chitosan-based polymers available in two platforms to prevent adhesions and minimize bleeding in the nasal cavity.


PosiSep® is a unique carboxymethylated chitosan-based hemostatic intranasal splint that has been custom formulated for OR and Office Based FESS procedures with minimal bleeding and where rapid clearance of the product is desirable. After hydration, PosiSep® will immediately expand, turn into a gel, then begin clearing the sinus cavity. Subsequent irrigation will cause the product to dissolve, thus optimizing patient tolerance and comfort.

PosiSep® X

PosiSep® X is a hemostatic intranasal splint designed to minimize bleeding and edema and to prevent adhesions between the septum and the nasal cavity. PosiSep® X is placed in the nasal cavity after surgery or trauma. The PosiSep® line is constructed of a patient-comfortable sponge which is manufactured from naturally occuring Chitosan polymers. Subsequent irrigation will cause the product to fragment, thus optimizing patient tolerance and comfort.