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Eco.Pharma.Supply is a distributor of several pharmaceutical brands on the Benelux market.

Eco.Pharma.Supply propose a large scope of products available in pharmacies and hospitals

We currently only sell their Silver Nitrate Sticks from the brand Silverin (BANO Healthcare)


Silver Nitrate Sticks are a device containing Silver Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate on their tip. They have been mentioned in pharmacopoeias throughout history and are applied topically for the chemical cauterisation in various fields.

Silver Nitrate Sticks remove excess granualation tissue which can develop in healing wounds of the skin, e.g. surgical cavities with granulation tissue. They are suitable for the use in wound management, stoma care and for the treatment of aphtous stomatitis. Silver Nitrate Sticks are used for hemostasis of smaller bleedings such as nosebleeds (epistaxis) or e.g. cervical nicks after biopsies or where electocautery would be inconvenient and painful. They are often used for the removal of warts and in the fields of podology (e.g. for the removal of corns). Residual tissue of umbilical cords of new born babies can easily be removed.

Silver Nitrate has a bactericidal, astringent, caustic effect. When moistened, it leads to a denaturation (coagulation) of the proteins and subsequent dying off of the treated tissue. The purpose of using Potassium Nitrate is to mitigate the effect of Silver Nitrate.

  • For the removal of granulation tissue
  • For application in the fields of gynaecology
  • For wound management
  • For stoma care
  • For the treatment of warts and corns

We have the following sizes available:

SILVERIN® Sticks 50% 10 pcs
SILVERIN® STICKS 50% 200mm rigid
SILVERIN® STICKS 50% 200mm flexible
SILVERIN® Sticks 75% 100 pcs
SILVERIN® STICKS 75% 115mm rigid
SILVERIN® STICKS 75% 115mm flexible
SILVERIN® STICKS 75% 200mm rigid