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Revolutionary in electrosurgery from electrosurgical to plasma

The 1940s: Monopolar Electrosurgical

Advantages: Fast, efficient; cutting and hemostasis

Disadvantages: High thermal damage and poor safety, limitedĀ application in ENT

The 1980sļ¼šBipolar Radiofrequency

Advantages: Safer and more efficient; easy to operate

Disadvantages: High thermal damage, can not cut tissue, small scope of application

21st Century: Plasma Surgical System

Advantage: Low-temperature resection, hemostasis, ablation, and coagulation, widely used in minimally-invasive surgery


Globally, tens of millions of patients receive plasma treatment yearly in Urology, Neurosurgery, and Gynecology – but mainly used in Otolaryngology-Head-Neck surgery, and sports medicine.

A plasma radiofrequency surgical system is widely used in the Nose, Pharynx, and Throat

BONSS ENT Plasma Surgical System