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New Intranasal Splints

New Intranasal Splints

Recognizing that each surgeon’s preferences and the anatomy of each patient’s sinuses are not identical, our supplier Hemostasis has developed multiple platforms of the PosiSep® hemostat sinus splints to meet those varying needs.


PosiSep® comes as a firm sponge and turns into a gel after placement in the sinus cavity and hydration with saline or moisture in the sinus.


With a new proprietary Technology…

They have developed a new and improved version of PosiSep gel and sponge to meet the additional needs of the market place. PosiSep & PosiSep X now use our proprietary NOCC (N-O-carboxymethylchitosan) technology. NOCC is scientifically formulated to make the PosiSep sponges into an advanced water soluble chitosan sponge which are designed to be very flexible and soft. Our NOCC polymer has been widely studied in the prevention of surgical adhesions.

 Discover how to use it: